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Dalkeith Series - Modern Sets of Six Postcards

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PRODUCED 1980 - 2000


P1         Early Transport

P2         Toulouse Lautrec

P3         Alphonse Mucha

P4         Early Aviation Meetings 

P5         Jules Cheret

P6         Ludwig Hohlwein

P7         Shipping Companies

P8         Automobiles

P9         Early Theatre

P10         Airlines 

P11         Orient Express 

P12         British Circus

P13         Bicycles

P14         World War I

P15         Schweppes

P16         The Beggerstaffs

P17         Publishers

P18         Entertainments

P19         More Shipping Companies

P20         Propaganda  

P21         Grasset & Berthron

P22         Follies Bergere

P23         More Parisien Music Hall

P24         Coach Companies

P25         Domestic

P26         Recruitment

P27         Early Cinema

P28         Travel of the ‘20s & 30s

P29         Lucian Bernhard 

P30         F. Lenhart 

P31         Racing

P32         World War II

P33         Christmas Shopping

P34         More Bicycles

P35         Jean D’ylen

P36         Orient Line Cruises

P37         More Automobiles

P38         The Third Rich

P39         More Cinema

P40         Drinks

P41         Animals 

P42         Beverages

P43         Wagons – Lits by Cassandre 

P44         More Recruitment 

P45         More Aviation Meetings

P46         E. McKnight Kauffer 

P47         Art Nouveau

P48         Art Deco

P49         Dancing

P50         Wartime Humour

P51         Tom Purvis 

P52         American Railroads



R1         Liverpool & Manchester

R2         Somerset & Dorset

R3         Stratford upon Avon & Midland Junction

R4         London, Tilbury & Southend

R5         West Highland

R6         Midland & Great Northern

R7         Lynton & Barnstaple

R8         George Stephenson’s Achievements

R9         Bournemouth Belle Inaugural Train

R10         Liverpool Overhead

R11         London & S.W.R. Posters (Set ‘A’)

R12         London & S.W.R. Posters (Set ‘B’)         

R13         Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway

R14          Isle of Wight

R15         North London

R16         Just The Ticket

R17         Great North of Scotland

R18         Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (2nd Set)

R19         North Eastern (Road Vehicles)

R20         Corri

R21         Leicester & Swannington

R22         Railway Paddle Steamer Trips

R23         G.W.R. Posters (Part 1)

R24         G.W.R. Posters (Part 2)

R25         Great Central (Set of 6 cards) £5

R26         Weymouth & Portland

R27         Flying Scotsman (Loco & Train)

R28         Padarn & Penryn

R29         More Tickets

R30         Cheshire Lines

R31         Northern Belle Train

R32         Welsh Highland

R33         Severn & Wye & Severn Bridge Railway

R34         G.W.R. & L.M.S. Joint Posters

R35         London, Chatham & Dover

R36         Pullmans 

R37         Invergarry & Ft. Augustus

R38         More G.W.R. Posters (Part 1)

R39         More G.W.R. Posters (Part 2)

R40         Railway Guides (Part 1)

R41         Railway Guides (Part 2)

R42         Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Tramways

R43         Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway (Set of 6 cards) £5

R45         Metropolitan

R46         Metropolitan & Great Central Joint Railway

R47         Badges & Buttons (Part 1) 

R48         Badges & Buttons (Part 2)

R49         Christmas Railway Posters  

R50         Famous Trains

R51         Calendar & Oban

R52         Southern Railway Posters

R53         Great Northern Railway Posters

R54         L.N.E.R. Frolic Posters

R55         Garstang & Knott End

R56         Railway Posters of Dorset & Hants

R57         Hull & Barnsley (Set of 6 cards)

R58         Salute To The Great Western

R59         Silver Jubilee Train

R60         Posters of The L.M.S.

R61         Railway Golfing Posters

R62         Railway Posters by Terence Cuneo

R63         Glyn Valley Tramway

R64         More S.R. Posters

R65         L.N.E.R. ‘The Book Lovers Railway’

R66         Tickets For Everything (Part 1)

R68         Railway Horses & Their Brasses

R69         Festinlog Railway

R70         Talyllyn Railway

R71         Railway Freight Posters

R72         G.W.R. Posters of Somerset

R73         G.W.R. Posters of Wales

R74         L.M.S. & L.N.E.R. Joint Posters

R75         Southwold Railway

R76         Railway Posters of The Isle of Man

R77         Railway Posters of Lancashire Coast

R78         Six West Country Railways

R79         Posters of The Southampton Docks

R80         Coronation Scot Train (L.M.S.)

R81         The Coronation Train (L.N.E.R.)

R82         Railway Wartime Posters

R83         G.W.R. Posters of London

R84         Railway Hotel Poster

R85         Railway Menus & Tariff Covers

R86         L.N.E.R. Posters of East Anglia

R87         G.W.R. Posters of Devon

R88         G.W.R. Posters of Cornwall

R89         Railway Posters of North Wales

R90         Railway Castle Posters

R91         More G.W.R. & L.M.S. Joint Posters

R92         Railway Continental Service

R93         Southern Electric

R94         More Railway Services

R95         Pre-Group Scottish Railways

R96         L.M.S. Posters by Norman Wilkinson

R97         L.N.E.R. Posters by Frank Newbould

R98         More Railway Posters From Southern

R99         Golden Arrow Train

R100         Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway 



S1         Bridges & Viaducts L.N.E.R.

S2         Clarice Cliff (Art Deco) Pottery

S3         G.W.R. Locomotives

S4         Shipping Lines

S5         Railway Golf 

S6         Modes of Transport 

S7         Battle of Britain Class

S8         French Railway Poster

S9         Southern Railway Shipping 

S10         Ship Flags & Funnels (Part 1)

S11         Railway Heraldry

S12         Ship Flags & Funnels (Part 2) 

S13         Merchant Navy 

S14         The Early Shell Posters

S15         More Isle of Man Railway Posters

S16         Motor Racing Posters 

S17         GWR

S18         Buying Better Brands 

S19         East Coast – The L.N.E.R.

S20         Crossing The Emerald Sea

S21         Famous Named Trains 

S22         Lighting Publicity

S23         Railway Pictorial Map Posters

S24         Last of the Bicycle Posters 3

S25         L.M.S. The Best Way

S26         Titanic Tragedy 

S26         Titanic Tragedy

S27         Southampton Docks

S28         Dinky Toys

S29         L.M.S. & L.N.E.R. Scotland

S30         Travel Labels

S34         Wings For Victory Posters 

S35         Timetable Covers 

S36         Advertising Morris Cars 1930s  

S37         Early G.W.R. Posters

S38         White Star Line Posters

S39         The Isle of Man Railways

S40         The Battle of the Atlantic

S41         Lynton & Barnstable Railway

S42         Sinking of the Hood & Bismarck 

S43         Lancs & Yorks Railway Posters

S44         Seeing Scotland in the 1930s

S45         L & S.W.R. Railway Posters

S46         Further Shipping Lines 

S47         Steam in Dorset

S48         M.G. Cars of 1930s 

S49         Railway Posters of the Peak District

S50         IOM (Railway)

S51         By Great Western

S52         The Busy Solent

S53         Southern Train Posters








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