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SALE 260    SATURDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2014   11.00am


PHONE (01202) 292905  or (01202) 552352




Email:   dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

Please post or phone the bids as well this month

Paypal:  dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com




Monday 1st Sept – Fri 5th Sept 8.00 - NOON

Saturday 6th SEPTEMBER 8.00 – 11am

Viewing the Saturday before the sale 8am - Noon,

Mon - Friday before the sale 8am - Noon

Saturday Day of Sale 8am -11am

Photographs of the lots.

Please click "Images" in the left menu, it is best to open it in a new window, so you do not loose the catalogue text.



Stamps, Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Autographs, Ephemera etc

We are open for free valuations  Mon to Sat 8am - Noon.


Dalkeith Auctions,
Dalkeith Hall, 81 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1EW

01202 292905 or 01202 552352

email: dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

We do not normally send out images of the lots as the photos are on this site, if you do need more information, please ring us during the mornings of the viewing days.

Paypal payments to: dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

How to bid if you are not able to visit us on the day.
Simply let us know the lot number and the maximum price you would pay for a lot.
We will bid on your behalf as if you were in the room, and take your bid at the next higher bid than the room, until you limit is reached.

Buyers Premium 25%


For lots that sell for less than £25 there is a charge of £5 per lot
For lots that sell for over £25 there is a charge of 15%.

There are discount rates for buyers that are using their funds to purchase goods.

More info at end of the catalogue.

1.             WORLD MIXTURE On and off paper, includes some M/S on cover (quantity) £20


2.             WORLD COVERS AND CARDS Better selection with much Europe, some old, charity sets, M/S etc, catalogued total £830 (quantity) £70


3.             WORLD ASSORTMENT Countries P – R in two albums (quantity) £20


4.             WORLD ASSORTMENT Countries S – Z in two albums (quantity) £20


5.             WORLD MIXTURE On and off paper, old duplicate books, covers etc (quantity) £30


6.             WORLD COLLECTION Well filled album, mostly 1950s – 1980s (large quantity) £20


7.             WORLD MIXTURE Mostly on pieces (quantity) £10


8.             WORLD COLLECTION Mint and used issues to 1960s including Netherlands, Asia, British Africa, Italian and French Colonies, some America, USA (quantity) £100


9.             WORLD MIXTURE Mint used, Commonwealth, foreign, British (quantity) £25


10.         WORLD ACCUMULATION Album leaves, any part collections, many priced up ready to sell, needs a sort (quantity) £30


11.         WORLD COVERS Foreign and GB, needs a sort (quantity) £15


12.         WORLD MIXTURE Loose, leaves, album, something to sort (quantity) £20


13.         WORLD MIXTURE Leaves, loose, album, needs a sort (quantity) £20


14.         WORLD MIXTURE Old album, leaves, loose (quantity) £20

15.         WORLD MIXTURE Albums, leaves, loose (quantity) £20


16.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Mostly loose, needs a sort (quantity) £20


17.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT New Age, Hong Kong, Straits (quantity) £30


18.         WORLD MIXTURE Covers, loose, stockbooks etc, few better items (quantity) £30


19.         WORLD MIXTURE Remainder of a collection in stockbooks (quantity) £10


20.         WORLD MIXTURE Two stockbooks, India and World postmarks (quantity) £10


21.         ASSORTMENT Sheet files with about 100 large blocks, mostly East Europe, mostly CTO issues (quantity) £25


22.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Large stockbook of West Indies (quantity) £20


23.         RUSSIA Two stockbooks, plenty of thematic (quantity) £20


24.         WORLD MIXTURE Various albums and stockbooks, plus some loose (quantity) £25


25.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Various albums, loose etc (quantity) £10


26.         WORLD MIXTURE Some better Europe stockbook, album, pages etc (quantity) £15


27.         WORLD MIXTURE Old albums, mint assortment etc, might be worth a check (quantity) £15


28.         WORLD MIXTURE Loose, on leaves, covers etc (quantity) £10


29.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Various albums and leaves (quantity) £15


30.         MIXTURE Albums and loose, needs a sort (quantity) £15


31.         WORLD MIXTURE Old album (few stamps) on and off paper, on pages, covers etc (quantity) £8


32.         COVER ASSORTMENT GB and foreign 1960s – 1980s (small quantity) £8


33.         WORLD MIXTURE Early to modern, stockbook and loose (quantity) £20


34.         WORLD MIXTURE Pages, cover, on and off paper etc (quantity) £12


35.         WORLD MIXTURE Various albums (quantity) £5


36.         WORLD MIXTURE Various albums and stockbooks, old to modern, mint and used (quantity) £15


37.         WORLD MINIATURE SHEETS Thematic and colourful, some earlier (150) £40


38.         IRELAND Off paper assortment, mostly 1930s – 1960s definitives (few 100s) £6


39.         IRELAND 1920s to modern mint and used, cat £720, also SG Catalogue of 2006 (quantity) £30


40.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Housed in two albums (quantity) £25


41.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Loose, album leaves, stockbook, album etc, plenty to sort (quantity) £25


42.         MIXTURE Covers, modern postcards etc, needs a sort (quantity) £10


43.         POSTMARK INTEREST GB and foreign (small quantity) £10











50.         HUNGARY Used assortment on leaves 1900s – 1980s (quantity) £10


51.         AUSTRIA Used assortment 1900s – 1950s (small quantity) £10


52.         USA Used assortment on album leaves 1930s – 1990s (quantity) £10


53.         INDIA Used assortment on leaves QV to 1950s also some States (300 approx) £20


54.         HONG KONG Used assortment on leaves QV to 1960s (100 approx) £15


55.         NEW ZEALAND Used assortment on leaves QV to 1920s (quantity) £15


56.         CANADA Used assortment on leaves, mostly QV to 1950s (150 approx ) £15


57.         AUSTRALIA ASSORTMENT Includes some States, mostly QV to 1930s (200 approx) £20


58.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Used on leaves up to 1936 (1,000 approx) £20


59.         CANADA 1868 – 1999 Collection of mostly used, stamps from 1922, well represented to top values (1,800 approx) £70


60.         CEYLON 1861 – 1978 Queen Victoria, Edward VII, and George V, high catalogue value (420) £50


61.         NETHERLANDS 1867 – 1953 used assortment, cat £500+ (320) £40


62.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Various unmounted mint countries includes Cook 1slands, Jamaica and Solomon (small quantity) £20


63.         IRELAND FDC Assortment 1970s (16) £8


64.         THAILAND 1926 Coronation Stone 1t (2), 2t (4), 5t (2), 10t (5) and 20t (4), fine used on pieces with a few other issues, cat over £300 in 1995 (23) £35


65.         CEYLON 1935 – 36 2c (20) to 1c, in varying quantities, 1935 Jubilee 6c (4), 9c (7), 20c (9) and 50c (7), 1937 Coronation 6c (17), 9c (10) and 20c (14), all good to fine used, also unmounted mint with Jubilee 6c (3), 2c (3) and 50c (8) and Coronation blocks of 6c (18), 9c (10) and 20c (12), cat over £450 (187) £30


66.         PHILATELIC EXHIBITION 1940 27th Congress at Bournemouth, miniature sheets showing 1d in black and in blue, twelve of each without gum (4) £25


67.         CEYLON 1935 Jubilee 6c pane of six still in the booklet covers with one showing “Dot by Flagstaff” and 9c vertical strip of four with one showing the same variety, both unmounted mint, also a fine used 6c showing “Diagonal line by Turret”, SG 379f, 379h and 380h (11) £80


68.         STAMP EXHIBITION 1950 London International Stamp Exhibition Souvenir sheets by Waterlow showing five classic colonial stamps in full colour (24) £18


69.         CANADA ASSORTMENT Duplicated used stock, planes, trains, art etc (quantity) £20


70.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Mostly earlier, useful Ceylon and Cyprus (QV, KEVII etc), total catalogued value over £600 (quantity) £40


71.         YEAR ISSUES Special packs & loose, USA, Antarctic, CI etc, total catalogue value £250 (small qty) £35


72.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Large stockbook, mostly 1978 mint sets and singles includes Coronation Anniversary and other issues, miniature sheets, etc, all unmounted (quantity) £15


73.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Stockbook of unmounted mint Christmas issues arranged from Anguilla to Zambia with 128 different sets and 40 miniature sheets (quantity) £20


74.         USED COLLECTION Album of mixed world (quantity) £5


75.         ANDORRA (SPANISH) 1929 set to 1pta P14 unmounted, SG 14A – 23A + E2b, total catalogued value £244 (11) £15

76.         ASSORTMENT Mostly used 1930s – 1950s (small quantity) £8


77.         WORLD ASSORTMENT Junior album, picked over (quantity) £10


78.         GERMANY Used 1947 – 2000 assortment in large stockbook, needs to be viewed (quantity) £40


79.         COMMONWEALTH Used assortment on leaves (quantity) £15


80.         WORLD WILDLIFE FUND Collection in special album (108) £20


81.         FRANCE Mint and used in stockbook, plenty of Commemoratives (quantity) £20


82.         GERMANY 1937 – 1939 Postmarks and slogans, mostly Hindenburg, includes items from occupied territories (163) £15


83.         SWITZERLAND Useful earlier, many publicity and Pro Patria sets etc (quantity) £30


84.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Accumulation in a large stockbook (quantity) £15


85.         AUSTRALIA FIRST DAY COVERS Illustrated 1950s – 51 (15), plus other covers (4) (19) £25


86.                   WORLD COLLECTION Housed in a large album, good assortment of most counties (quantity) £15







90.         COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Mostly Edward VII and GVR, GB and Commonwealth values to 5/- (small quantity) £15


91.         AUSTRALIA Mod-range on printed leaves with sets mint and used and useful AAT £12 (small quantity) £20


92.         NEW ZEALAND Early to modern collection on leaves, with useful KGV, early Healths and QE sets, unmounted mint etc (180s) £24

93.         PRINTERS SAMPLES Various GVR to QEII issues by Waterlow, unused each with a small punch hole in the design, includes three with a Waterlow specimen overprint (58) £30


94.         IRELAND Assortment of mint GB overprints, and early Independent Definitives and Commemoratives, some duplication (small quantity) £45


95.         EUROPE THEME 1956 – 1975 Selection of various countries (quantity) £20


96.         SWITZERLAND 1920s to 1991 various mint and used in four approval books, some mint sets might be a bit stuck, High catalogue value (quantity) £15


97.         SWITZERLAND Pro Juventute charity sets and singles, mint and used, between 1918 and 1990, some better items, total catalogue, value £459 (quantity) £20


98.         POSTAL HISTORY Air interest, first flights or other aircraft interest, GB and World (97) £40



99.         FDC COLLECTION Small album with earlier decimal issues, hand addressed. (small quantity) £10


100.    MIXTURE On and off paper, all reigns, worth a rummage (quantity) £12


101.    COLLECTION 1970 – 2005 used collation in (expensive) Lighthouse hingless album, defins, regionals from 1970, Commems from 1996 (qty) £30


102.    COLLECTION ON LEAVES Of earlier QEII, including 1st Wildings and Castles sets, mint cat £325, other 1960s sets mint etc (quantity) £60


103.    1972 WEDGWOOD ½d side band pane in booklet with fair perfs, also part panes on GPO cover (foxed) (2) £30

104.    MINT COLLECTION Up to about 1980, commems and regionals, also Jersey and Guernsey pre-decimal sets to £1 (2), unmounted mint, also some used GVIR (quantity) £25


105.    COLLECTION GVR to QEII good range of Commemoratives 1924 – 1970s in mint and used (quantity) £40


106.     FDC COLLECTION 1978 – 2012 The miniature sheets on First Day covers including 2000 Exhibition and 2000 Her Majesty’s stamps, in a Royal Mail album many with special cancels, clean lot (74) £95


107.    MARITIME INTEREST Covers and Postcards 1906 – 1982, all with Maritime cancels, also some Hovercraft coves (small quantity) £30


108.    USED ASSORTMENT QV to GVIR plus QEII, mounted on leaves plus some mint (quantity) £10


109.    MIXTURE Loose, covers, pres packs, 1d Red Plates etc (quantity) £30


110.    1948 SILVER WEDDING £1 unmounted mint (1) £20


111.    MIXTURE GB FDC’s CI mint, GB Decimal mint, modern postcards etc (quantity) £30


112.    ALDERNEY First Day cover collation in album 1983 – 2008, clean condition (quantity) £20


113.    ALDERNEY Large stockbook with assortment of unmounted sets, definitives, Commemoratives, miniature sheets etc, high face (quantity) £25


114.    COVER ASSORTMENT FDC’s late 1960s to late 1970s, mostly GB (quantity) £20


115.    DECIMAL PRESENTATION PACKS 1980s – 1990s in special album (quantity) £50


116.    1977 WILDLIFE Painting reproductions with notes by Peter Scott in folio (1) £15


117.    GEORGE V  ASSORTMENT 1924 Wembley block of 4  (pin perfs) (now split apart), plus 1934 Seahorse 2/6 (2), good used (6) £10


118.    COLLECTION ON LEAVES     QV to QEII Mint and used, includes better older issues, cat £2,500 (quantity) £125


119.    MIXED COVERS GB and some foreign, mixed covers, etc, needs a sort (few 100s) £15


120.    RAF MUSEUM COVERS The older small size RAF and similar covers including some flown 1970s issues (150) £15


121.    1952 WINDING DEFINITIVES 1/2d – 1/6 Tudor Crown set of 17 unmounted mint, a few minor creases (17) £12


122.    CASTLE HIGH VALUES £1.50, £2, £3, £5, mint set of 4, plus a used set (8) £12


123.    BENHAM SILK FDC’s and singles, clean condition (small quantity) £8


124.    DECIMAL PRESENTATION PACKS 1989 – 1992 Commemoratives plus some FDCs (quantity) £25


125.    DECIMAL PRESENTATION PACKS 1985 – 1988 Commemoratives plus some FDCs (quantity) £20


126.    DECIMAL ASSORTMENT Stockbook of Commemoratives late 1970s, mint and used (quantity) £10


127.    DECIMAL ASSORTMENT 1980s – 1990s Commemoratives, mint sets, plus some used (quantity) £25


128.    1975 CRICKET Selection of FDCS’s with various special Post marks relating to Cricket (16) £15


129.    DECIMAL FDC’S Assortment of FDC’s definitives and Commemoratives (quantity) £10


130.    DECIMAL PRESENTATION PACKS Late 1970s – 1980s (small quantity) £15


131.    EARLY KILOWARE On and off paper, Edward VII to GVIR (quantity) £10


132.    KILOWARE Mostly off paper GVIR issues but some earlier (quantity) £10


133.    POSTAL STATIONERY Unused QV to QEII cards, airletters etc (small quantity) £30


134.    POSTAL STATIONERY Unused QV to QEII cards, airletters etc (small quantity) £30


135.    IRELAND INTEREST Covers from Dublin 1921 (4), Erins Song Booklets (3) (7) £5


136.    BRITISH AIRWAYS FIRST FLIGHTS All illustrated  and with British Airways flight stamps 1970s issues (19) £30




















150.    MIXTURE 1900s – 1930s mostly better subject Japanese girls, Morocco Booklet types, advertising, Gibraltar, humour (50 approx) £40


151.    ASSORTMENT Old album with mixture of cars (quantity) £15


152.    MIXTURE Old style album with mixed general content (400) £25


153.    GOLF INTEREST Various golf courses, humour, general views includes a few better (small qty) £20


154.    SHIPPING Assortment of British and foreign including better types (40) £30


155.    ASSORTMENT All better type cards Airships, Advertising, Hold to Light, Trams, Castle show etc (24) £30


156.    SUBSIDENCE IN NORTHWHICH Two litho cards by Evans showing street scene of building subsidence and repairs,  used 1906 (2) £10


157.    MIXTURE GB, foreign, modern etc, worth a quick sort (100 plus) £5


158.    ROMANY INTEREST Various moderns, photographic, art drawn etc, plus a booklet on How to Cook Nettles, Eel, Rook Stew etc (16) £8


159.    TOPO ASSORTMENT Mainly 1930s – 1960s English (84), Wales (8) (92) £25


160.    MIXTURE Old to modern Topo, greetings, UK, foreign (160 approx) £20


161.    MIXTURE Mostly UK topo 1920s – 1930s (100 approx) £20


162.    MIXTURE Mostly UK topo 1920s – 1930s (100 approx) £20


163.    ASSORTMENT Mostly UK and foreign topo 1910s – 1960s (60) £10


164.    MIXTURE UK topo assortment mostly 1920s – 1930s (600 approx) £30


165.    ASSORTMENT Castles, famous paintings etc (100 plus) £5


166.    ART DRAWN Modern large size famous paintings, buildings etc (83) £5


167.    MIXTURE Mostly modern foreign (small quantity) £5


168.    LETTER CARDS Mostly 1930s (small quantity) £5


169.    MIXTURE UK topo and subject, plus some foreign, mostly 1900s – 1960s (600 approx) £20


170.    MIXTURE World topo, mostly 1900s – 1040s (600 approx) £20


171.    ASSORTMENT UK topo, plenty of West Country, mostly 1910s – 1930s (600 approx) £30


172.    MIXTURE UK topo, 1900s – 1950s mostly (600 approx) £30


173.    MIXTURE Old to modern, mostly topo 1960s to modern (few 100s) £10


174.    MIXTURE Foreign and British, mostly modern (few 100s) £10


175.    MIXTURE Modern, mostly foreign (few 100s) £10


176.    MIXTURE Mostly modern foreign (few 100s) £10


177.    MIXTURE Small and modern, mostly foreign (few 100s) £10


178.    MIXTURE Modern, mostly foreign (few 100s) £10


179.    SWITZERLAND 1920s – 1970s (90) £10


180.    FOREIGN ASSORTMENT 1900s – 1960s (66) £10


181.    SHIPPING Modern mix, mostly larger cards, also some black and white photos (few 100s) £10


182.    SHIPPING Album of old to modern (100 approx) £25

183.    ASSORTMENT Modern album, mixed subjects 1900s – 1960s (quantity) £20


184.    MIXTURE Older slot in album with mixed assortment (quantity) £12


185.    MIXTURE Moderns British and foreign (few 100s) £10


186.    MIXTURE Modern British and foreign (many 100s) £10


187.    MIXTURE Moderns British and foreign (100s) £10


188.    RAILWAYS Modern in album GB, Switzerland, Canada, Japan etc (136) £20


189.    TRAMS Modern world collection album, UK, Belgium, Canada, USA, Denmark, New Zealand, Spain etc (23) £36


190.    SHIPPING Standard size, including Cunard, Shaw Savill, Union-Castle, freighters, railway and paddle steamers, some plain backs and modern, condition fair to very good (104) £65


191.    ASSORTMENT Barnstaple Friday Market, Nottingham Hippodrome, Quarry, Bournemouth, street scenes, Sudbury, Walthamstow etc (21) £25


192.    UK ASSORTMENT 1930s to 1960s, including real photographic, coastal, buildings, occasional street scene etc (100) £16


193.    ROCK & POP MUSIC Including Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, AC DC, Frank Zappa, Sting, U2, etc (81) £15


194.    TOPOGRAPHICAL British 1930s to 1960s including real photographic, multi-views, a few street scenes (100) £6


195.    TITANIC Mainly modern, including old Bamforth “Nearer My God to Thee” No. 25, Southampton Memorial real photographic, art types, “Lusitania” (3) (19) £20


196.    UK TOPO Photographic, Inland & Coastal, multi-views a few Guernsey, mostly 1950s and 1960s (100) £16

197.    RAILWAYS Art, modern, all standard size, GB, USA, Canada, miniature railways, condition good (69) £15


198.    FLOWER GIRLS by NGY,  USA Series, fair (8) £10


199.    CRICKET Real Photograph Single Player, group team and a litho photo of Yorkshire, poor condition (3) £15


200.    CHURCHES Villages and town subjects (21) £


201.    HAMPSHIRE Alton, Southampton, New Milton (5) £8


202.    HASTINGS Two real photographic of the Seashore, East Hill Lift No. 59 and No. 64 with huts and boats (2) £12


203.    MIXTURE Mostly modern, British and foreign (quantity) £10


204.    MIXTURE Mostly modern, British and foreign (quantity) £10


205.    SHIPPING ASSORTMENT Old to modern (small quantity) £15


206.    AVIATION ASSORTMENT Old to modern (small quantity) £15


207.    ASSORTMENT Mostly London topo (50 approx) £10


208.    BOURNEMOUTH AND LOCAL Mixed assortment (22) £15


209.    AIRCRAFT Assortment in a plastic album, mostly modern (quantity) £10


210.    BILL HOPKINS COLLECTION From the Nutter Who Stamped the Back of all his cards, mostly topo 1900s – 1930s, some better cards included but now all ruined (quantity) £15


211.    MIXTURE Old album and loose Topo and subject (small quantity) £15


212.    ASSORTMENT Mostly Topo old to modern (quantity) £20


213.    SWANAGE AND SURROUNDING Mill Pond, Christchurch, Swanage Bay, Studland, Durlston Castle (5) £10

214.    DORSET AND HAMPSHIRE 1930s – 1950s Sandbanks, Langton, West Quay, Mudeford etc (7) £10


215.    BOURNEMOUTH ASSORTMENT 1900s Square, Boscombe, Sea Front etc (5) £12


216.    STATION Bristol Temple Meads exterior real photographic, Shrewsbury exterior (2) £5























233.    MIXTURE Odds and part sets (small quantity) £20


234.    ASSORTMENT Various sets, Wills, Players, Ogdens etc, fair to good (quantity) £25


235.    MIXTURE Includes some better issues, housed in a plastic album, fair to good (small quantity) £20


236.    ASSORTMENT Imperial Football Club Records (4), Annon Royalty issues (33), USA issue (4), fair (44) £15


237.    REPRINTS Various sets and part sets (quantity) £10


238.    FOOTBALL ASSORTMENT Modern cards, magazines, booklets etc (quantity) £20


239.    FOOTBALL ASSORTMENT Sun Soccer Cards, plus a range of other football issues (quantity) £15


240.    MILITARY INTEREST Reprint cigarette sets, mostly World War I subjects, booklets on cigarette cards with Military subjects (quantity) £15


241.    SILK Assortment of odds and part sets in plastic leaves, fair to good (100) £20


242.    ASSORTMENT OF BETTER ODDS Good variety of subjects, poor to fair (62) £25


243.    ASSORTMENT OF BETTER ODDS Mostly cigarette issues, cat £500, poor o fair (40) £25


244.    LARGE SIZE CARDS Cigarette and trade, part sets, cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £20


245.    MIXTURE Large size issues, cigarette and trade, cat £1,000 (quantity) £40


246.    MIXTURE Assortment of part sets, cat £1,000, generally good (quantity) £40

247.    WILLS Part sets (19), cat £500 (small quantity) £20


248.    MIXTURE Cigarette and trade part sets issues (small quantity) £20


249.    MIXTURE Part sets, mostly cigarette issues, cat £500, generally good (quantity) £20


250.    ASSORTMENT Various part sets cigarette and trade, cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £20


251.    BETTER ODDS Assortment on leaves (50), poor to fair (50) £8


252.    BUSSINKS Dutch Pictorial Series (quantity) £20


253.    CIGARETTE AND TRADE CARDS Assortment of loose and stuck down (small quantity)  £5


254.    SPORTING ASSORTMENT Odds, cricket, football, speedway etc including some scarce types, fair to fine (9) £25


255.    ARDATH SPORTING CHAMPIONS (State Express), set of 50, generally good (50) £12


256.    PG TIPPS 40 years of the chimps, set of 40, generally good (40) £5


257.    OGDENS Guinea Gold and Tabs, assortment of issues, fair to good (100 £20


258.    OGDENS Guinea Gold, assortment of issues, fair to good (100) £20


259.    WILLS Coronation Series 40 of 60, poor to fair (40) £25


260.    LIEBIG Selection of sets (14), cat £100, generally good (14 sets) £25


261.    OGDENS Selection of part sets (10), cat £500, fair to good (small quantity) £25


262.    PLAYERS Part sets, cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £20


263.    LAMBERT & BUTLER Assortment of part sets, cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £25


264.    GALLAHER Selection of part sets, fair to good (quantity) £20


265.    BROOKE BOND Assortment of sets (40), generally good (quantity) £10


266.    GALLAHER Film episodes, 40 of 48, good (40) £5


267.    GALLAHER Film partners, 40 of 48, good (40) £5


268.    OGDENS Trick Billiards set of 50, fronts goods, back poor, soaking off album (50) £5


269.    OGDENS Derby and Grand National Winners, set of 50, poor to good (50) £5


270.    OGDENS Birds eggs (cut out series), 44 of 50, fair (44) £5


271.    CRICKET Album with 15 modern sets, reprints and sets issued by Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire (500 plus) £30


272.    MODERN ISSUES Cadet Navy set, Cromwell 1963 racing colours, Victor Football also older issues Turf Locos (43), and some football small photo types (quantity) £20


273.    PATTREIOUEX 1926 cricketers 73 & 75, missing No. 32 and 69, cat £700+, good to fine (73) £70


274.    SENIOR SERVICE Sets of 48, real photo cards including Sights of Britain both sets (5 sets) £20


275.    MIXTURE Cigarette and trade, odds and part sets, mixed condition (1,000 plus) £20


276.    ASSORTMENT Large size issues, cigarette and trade (200 approx) £10


277.    SPORTING SETS Players Cricketers 1934, 1938, Gallaher Champions 2nd (148) £10



278.    MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHS Small snapshots of soldiers and locals in India 1920s (4) £10


279.    ANNA NEAGLE Fountain pens autograph on photograph of her in a printed picture frame (1) £10


280.    OLIVER REED Autograph on small card mounted with photo (1) £55


281.    ED HILLARY Autograph on illustration of a mountain (1) £30


282.    ED HILLARY Autograph on coloured illustration (1) £30


283.    AUTOGRAPHS 1940s – 1950s George Cole, Rod Taylor, Clive Dunn etc (1) £15


284.    PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES 1970s – 1980s mostly 35mm amateur slides family and religious subjects (many 100s) £15


285.    LEE EVANS Assortment of amateur snap shots of Lee and his friends, July 2014 (13) £10


286.    AUTOGRAPH ASSORTMENT Post card size photos, felt pen and ball point signatures (30 approx) £18


287.    SHIPPING Accumulation of 1960s – 1980s paper items, booklets, brochures, daily shipping events etc, buyer collects (large quantity) £10


288.    COINS AND PHONECARDS Various BT cards in sealed packets, plus GB coins worn and proof (quantity) £20


289.    NAVAL PRINTS Colour engraving, by W Fred Mitchell 1890s – 1900 (4) £15


290.    ASSORTMENT Postcards, Liebig cards, photographs etc (small quantity) £8


291.    MATCHBOX LABELS Mixed assortment of unstuck types (small quantity) £5


292.    FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS Black and white snapshots, mostly Germany and Austria, 1930s to early 1960s children, adults, family groups etc (few  1000s) £15


293.    RAILWAY INTEREST The International Railway Congress Bulletins for 1900, bound into a volume, plenty of illustrations (1) £5


294.    OLD BOOK Possibly a Bible issued by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1200, pages incomplete (1) £5


295.    PHOTOGRAPHS Various subjects railway family etc, also some newspapers and family documents (small quantity) £5


296.    TOY CINE PROJECTOR Made to take strips of 35mm film to show single frame or moving images, fair condition – almost complete with official instruction leaflet, made in Germany c1910 – 1930s (1) £10


297.    JAPANESE RAILWAY TICKETS Credit card size, very colourful plastic assortment, trains, transport, views etc (100) £10


298.    OLD BOOKS 1800s – 1950s, buyer collects (quantity) £5


299.    FAMILY READING General street newspaper Peoples Friend Weekly Welcome, Woman Companions, Oracle etc (quantity)£5


300.    COTTON & LACE GOWN Quite early will need a clean and some restoration (1) £15


301.    DORSET INTEREST Assortment of magazines etc on Dorset and Bournemouth matter (small quantity) £5


302.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Family photos, printed items, postcards stuck down French postcards etc (quantity) £5


303.    TRANSPORT ASSORTMENT Publicity photographs on aviation and motoring workshop manual (part 2) on Ford Capri 1974 onwards, plus other items (small quantity) £5


304.    CAMERAS Modern film type (2), flash, film (small quantity) £5


305.    RAILWAY TICKETS Mostly British card tickets from the 1970s plus other non railway tickets, and some European and foreign (quantity) £10


306.    COINS English coins in folders, copper and later silver (small quantity) £5


307.    NATIONAL SAVINGS Various unused cards for the 6d – 2/6 stamps, good to fine condition, 14 designs with duplication (75) £14


308.    GREETINGS CARDS Mostly Victorian and Edwardian types (60) £8


309.    SCOUTING INTEREST Cloth badges including felt ‘Camping Club’, Boy Scouts and felt official OHMS crown armband (12) £8


310.    PICNIC SET 1950-60s by Sirram, Thermos Flask, cups, food boxes, plates, spoons, will need a cleanup, buyer collects (1) £8


311.    MASONIC INTEREST Case, gloves, sash etc, chapter of Concord No. 294, Southampton, case damaged (1) £25


312.    AFFPUDDLE Hardback book on the Village 1968 (1) £5


313.    PETE BEST Autograph on small card mounted, with him as a drummer (1) £10


314.    VERA LYNN Autograph on small card mounted with illustration (1) £10


315.    TOM BAKER Autograph plus a photograph (1) £10


316.    FRANK FINLAY Autograph on 10” x 8” photo (1) £10


317.    TRANSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS Modern coloured snapshots of many railways, also lorries, vehicles, trams etc, mostly UK (few 100s) £15


318.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Old photographs, Brooke Bond tea cards, ephemera, prints etc (quantity) £15


319.    NELSON INTEREST The Times Newspaper 3rd October 1798 with report by him on the Victory over the French Fleet, paper in poor condition (1) £10


320.    BUS PHOTOGRAPHS Good assortment of double, single, British and overseas, all modern colour prints (few 100s) £15


321.    TRANSPORT INTEREST Photographs black and white, colour, amateur, professional plus some other transport subject, all postcard size (few 100s) £20


322.    EPHEMERA Old documents, newspapers etc (small quantity) £10


323.    AUTOMOBILES BERLIET 1913 Lyon,  lavish colour brochures with illustrations in colour and Sepia of the models and specification, attractive but folded across the centre prices in £s (1) £10


324.    TRANSPORT INTEREST Books, booklets on transport, also other ephemera, local documents etc (quantity) £8


325.    TRANSPORT INTEREST Books, booklets, tram photos, etc (quantity) £10


326.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Advertising, pamphlets, cigarette cards, theatre programmes, booklets, souvenirs etc (quantity) £20


327.    DORSET NAVAL MAPS Various ordinance survey maps (mostly rolled), paper maps tracings, blue prints on Portland etc 1950s – 1980s mappings, buyer collects (small quantity) £15


328.    DORSET NAVAL INTEREST Original hand drawn maps and plans ex-Commanding Royal Engineers 1886 – 1903 of Portland Naval buildings, each building highly detailed, buyer collects (7) £20


329.    ORDINANCE SURVEY MAPS Dorset and other areas including some Military Series mostly rolled, buyer collects (small quantity) £15

330.    DORSET INTEREST Magazines and Year Books, mostly 1960s – 1970s, buyer collects (quantity) £10


331.    SPURS FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Assortment 1960s – 1970s (quantity) £20


332.    FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Mixed assortment 1960s – 1980s (quantity) £10


333.    AVIATION SOUVENIRS Various free gifts to make a flight easier, toothbrush, facemask etc, Lufthansa, Swiss, Australian, some quite nice gear (quantity) £20


334.    RAILWAY PHOTOGRAPHS Mounted into albums British and foreign, amateur and professional, black and white and colour 1950s – 1990s (large quantity) £20


335.    RAILWAY PHOTOGRAPHS Various albums of foreign railways, many 1980s – 1990s (quantity)£15


336.    TRANSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS Railway and trams, mostly black and white (quantity) £10


337.    ASSORTMENT OF COLLECTABLES ViewMaster, Camera, model subjects, Lady Diana items, worry balls, tourist puppets etc (quantity) £10


338.    GLASS – CHINA Various items, buyer collects (quantity) £5


339.    LIGHTERS Hanson, Ronson, Playboy (3) £8


340.    BOOKS Assortment of books, buyer collects (quantity) £5


341.    GAMING INTEREST Game expert wheel (1) £5


342.    RAILWAY INTEREST Books and magazines, buyer collects (quantity) £5


343.    TRACTION ENGINES Box of magazines, buyer collects (large quantity) £5

344.    RECORDS Assortment of 45s, including Cliff, buyer collects (qty) £5


345.    MIXTURE Books, magazines etc, buyer collects (quantity) £5


346.    BOX OF COLLECTABLES Mixed items, buyer collects (quantity) £5


347.    STEAM ENGINES Magazines, buyer collects (large quantity) £5


348.    PIN UP POSTERS Mixed assortment, buyer collects (quantity) £10


349.    RECORDS 33 RPM in a case, buyer collects (quantity) £8


350.    RECORDS 45 RPM various (quantity) £8


351.    RECORDS 45 RPM Various (quantity) £8


352.    KODAK STEREO CAMERA 35mm, appears to be in working order, also if you collect stereo projector, slides, glasses etc, as found (1) £40


353.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Plenty of transport interest (quantity) £10


354.    BOOKS Shipping and Military, buyer collects (quantity) £8


355.    BOX OF BOOKS Old to modern including some quite expensive, buyer collects (quantity) £5


356.    LIONEL TRAIN ITEMS Train watch with original tin working order also a display tin, plus a standard train sign, buyer collects (3) £8


357.    TRANSPORT PHOTOS Black and white postcard size trams, buses, mostly British (100 plus) £10


358.    PHOTO ALBUMS Family and holidays 1910s – 1930s shipping, school, railway etc, UK and overseas (small quantity) £15


359.    EPHEMERA Mixed assortment 1900s to modern (quantity) £10





National Children's Home postcards.
If you have any NCH items for sale please email Dalkeith Auctions



Each and every lot is sold by the vendor as secondhand goods, with all faults and defects.
All descriptions in the catalogue are statements of opinion only.
Intending purchasers are recommended to view any lot prior to purchase or to seek further information before bidding.
Mail order customers, for more information. Please look at the images on the photo page or phone us for more detailed descriptions during the mornings of viewing, sorry but we do not have time time to send out scans.
The auctions are covered by public liability insurance for incidents due to acts of negligence by the staff.
Viewers and purchasers should access all aspects of the dangers of all goods. Paper and similar items are to be regarded as a possible danger and due care should be used when handling such material.
The following items are sold under these conditions.
Toys are collectors items and due to their construction may not be suitable for children under the age of 18 years.
Electrical items are sold as collectors items only and are not to be taken as working equipment. It is recommended that a qualified electrician services any item before use.
Paper items are all sold as genuine in such respects as to printing, design etc.
If any item is found not to be so as errors can occur, it may be returned within 31 days from the date of sale for a refund. After this period no further action can be taken. These conditions apply only to single items and not to any item contained in a mixed selection or other such bulk lot.
Autographs after 1970 on photographs are sold as found.
All books are sold as found.
A total of 25% will be added to the hammer price.
Title of goods will not pass to the buyer until fully paid for.
All damage caused to lots on view or being offered for sale are to be made good by the person committing the damage.
On the failure of a purchaser to pay for any lot, the auctioneers as agents for the vendors will be entitled to resell the lots in question after 31 days after the date of sale.
Goods may be removed at any time during the sale once payment has been made.
Payment made in cash or by cheque.
Payment may also be made by credit or debit card.
We can accept Visa, Access, Mastercard, American Express, paypal.
No surcharge will be made on debit or credit cards.


For lots that sell for less than £25 there is a total charge of £5 per lot
For lots that sell for over £25 there is a total charge of 20%.

There are discount rates for buyers that are using their funds to purchase goods.

Your statutory rights are not affected.
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