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SALE 262    SATURDAY 1st NOVEMBER  2014   11.00am




PHONE (01202) 292905  or (01202) 552352




Email:   dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

Paypal:  dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com



SATURDAY 25th October 8am – NOON

Monday 27th Oct - Fri 31st Oct 8.00 - NOON

Saturday 1st November 8.00 – 11am

Viewing the Saturday before the sale 8am - Noon,

Mon - Friday before the sale 8am - Noon

Saturday Day of Sale 8am -11am

Photographs of the lots.

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Stamps, Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Autographs, Ephemera etc

We are open for free valuations  Mon to Sat 8am - Noon.


Dalkeith Auctions,
Dalkeith Hall, 81 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1EW

01202 292905 or 01202 552352

email: dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

We do not normally send out images of the lots as the photos are on this site, if you do need more information, please ring us during the mornings of the viewing days.

Paypal payments to: dalkeithauctions@ntlworld.com

How to bid if you are not able to visit us on the day.
Simply let us know the lot number and the maximum price you would pay for a lot.
We will bid on your behalf as if you were in the room, and take your bid at the next higher bid than the room, until you limit is reached.

Buyers Premium 25%


For lots that sell for less than £25 there is a charge of £5 per lot
For lots that sell for over £25 there is a charge of 15%.

There are discount rates for buyers that are using their funds to purchase goods.

More info at end of the catalogue.




1.   WORLD COLLECTION Commonwealth and foreign in two albums (quantity) £20


2.   WORLD COLLECTION Commonwealth and foreign in three albums (quantity) £20


3.   WORLD COLLECTION Commonwealth, GB, foreign in three stockbooks (quantity) £20


4.   WORLD MIXTURE Leaves, loose, packets, needs a good sort (quantity) £25


5.   MIXED COVERS British, Commonwealth, foreign, various periods (quantity) £12


6.   COMMONWEALTH Off paper mix 750g approx, mostly modern assortment with a few older (quantity) £20


7.   WORLD MIXTURE Albums and stockbooks, Foreign & Commonwealth, much early to mid period (quantity) £25


8.   WORLD MIXTURE Albums and loose (quantity) £20


9.   WORLD COLLECTION Large Regent album, mostly up to 1970s, plenty of countries (quantity) £100


10.    FOREIGN COLLECTION Housed in a large album, mostly 1930s – 1960s, foreign and Europe (large quantity) £80


11.    COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Three albums Australia, New Zealand, Malaya, Ceylon, South Africa etc (3000 approx) £50


12.    COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Two albums, good assortment of various countries (3,400 approx) £60


13.    WORLD ASSORTMENT On pages, albums, stockbooks (quantity) £15


14.    WORLD MIXTURE Mostly USA, GB, South Africa, off paper, covers etc (quantity) £20


15.    WORLD MIXTURE Off paper, covers, etc, including early GB (quantity) £20


16.    WORLD COLLECTION Foreign and Commonwealth 1900s – 1930s, mostly low value items, but worth a check (quantity) £15


17.    WORLD MIXTURE On and off paper, includes some m/s on cover (quantity) £8


18.    COMMONWEALTH COVERS Wide range of countries, all with better stamps and or cancels, cat value of stamps £940 (quantity) £80


19.    WORLD MIXTURE Loose, album, stockbook etc (quantity) £20


20.    WORLD ASSORTMENT Various albums (quantity) £20


21.    WORLD MIXTURE Three strand albums (quantity) £20


22.    WORLD MIXTURE Albums and stockbooks (quantity) £15


23.    WORLD MIXTURE Albums, stockbooks, leaves etc (quantity) £15


24.    COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Housed in a large Scott album antique, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman, Dominica etc, up to 1971 (quantity) £25


25.    PAPUA – NEW GUINEA Assortment of FDCs 1960s – 1980s (quantity) £20


26.    CINDERELLAS  World assortment 1900s – 1930s (quantity) £15


27.    CINDERELLAS  World assortment 1900s – 1930s (quantity) £15


28.    PAPUA – NEW GUINEA Mixed assortment of used with duplication (small quantity) £10


29.    NEW ZEALAND QV to KEVII collection on leaves, many QV sets to 1/- with various perfs, early pictorial sets to 2/-, good to fine used, very high cat value (quantity) £45


30.    NEW HEBRIDES  KEVII to early QE range including definitive sets, mint and used (small quantity) £15


31.    NEW ZEALAND 1900s – 2000 collection in red album, many sets unmounted mint and fine used and covers, includes miniature sheets (small quantity) £30


32.    WORLD FIGHT COVERS 1920s – 1980s mixed assortment (84) £30


33.    MONACO Minor duplication, mint and used, some better earlies, cat £800+ approx (quantity) £60


34.    CZECHOSLOVAKIA From earlies in large stockbook to about 1984, many thematic (quantity) £20


35.    JORDAN From first types, mint and used, fine collection, cat £900 (quantity) £100


36.    VATICAN CITY Unmounted mint from 1993 including miniature sheets, cat £270 (quantity) £25


37.    GERMANY West, between 1983 & 1989 unmounted selection including charities and definitives, cat £570 (quantity) £50


38.    GERMANY West 1990s and Berlin 1980s small lot of unmounted commemoratives (mostly), cat over £150 (quantity) £15


39.    COMMONWEALTH CATALOGUE SG 2013 Edition, 1840 – 1970 issues, good condition (1) £18


40.    WORLD ASSORTMENT Sheets, blocks etc (small quantity) £8


41.    EAST GERMAN Mint 50c in sheets, many sheets (quantity) £8


42.    SCHAUBEK ALBUM  Part world illustrated album with a few stamps issues up to 1935 (quantity) £15


43.    WORLD ASSORTMENT Two junior albums 1900s – 1980s (small quantity) £10


44.    AUSTRALIA FIRST DAY COVERS Illustrated 1950s – 51 (15), plus other covers (4) (19) £8


45.    SWITZERLAND  UN overprints, including better, few officials and some tete-beche and se tenant pairs etc (quantity) £40


46.    FAROE ISSUES 1975 – 1999 Unmounted mint collection in hingeless album cat £600+ £50


47.    SAUDI ARABIA Useful selection of in Mint and used, earlies followed by unmounted (few used) to 1999, some small duplication, total cat over £1,100 (quantity) £70


48.    NICARAGUA 1911 railway stamps overprint (front and back), unused block (20) £5


49.    ANTIGUA QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


50.    BAHAMAS QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


51.    BARBADOS QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


52.    BERMUDA QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


53.    TURKS AND CAICOS QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


54.    COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Dominica, Cayman, Granada, Leeward, QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


55.    COMMONWEALTH ASSORTMENT Nevis, St Kitts St Lucia, QV to GVR on leaves (small quantity) £15


56.    ST VINCENT Assortment of mostly QV on leaves (small quantity) £25

57.    WORLD MIXTURE Album, stockbook, loose etc (quantity) £10


58.    MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION Used card from India to England with label, cancelled at Base Camp with label, picture and verse on reverse (1) £15




125.    COMIC MULREADY DESIGN Original design of Mulready with Whitakers Almanac advert on the stone, used with 1d Red  London 1868, front only, some faults (1) £20


126.    MULREADY 1d Envelope (A164) unused but grubby and major faults (1) £15


127.    MIXTURE On and off paper, cover etc, worth a look (quantity) £20


128.    QEII DEFINITIVES Phosphor graphite set 1959 unmounted cat £85 (8) £20


129.    FOOTBALL COVERS Assortment in two albums (quantity) £8


130.    COLLECTION Used GVR to QEII plus some mint (quantity) £15


131.    QV ASSORTMENT Line engraves, surface printed, mixed condition (quantity) £15


132.    COVER MIXTURE FDC, postmarks, air letters etc plus some foreign (quantity) £20


133.    DECIMAL FDCs special postmarks, mostly two stamps from each set (quantity) £20


134.    ASSORTMENT Mint Commemoratives in album 1950s – 1980s plus some covers (quantity) £35


135.    REPUBLIC OF SCOTLAND Spoof cover, plain business envelope with Scottish Regional issues,  marking across stamp & cover. “Not valid in United Kingdom”, had they voted ‘Yes’ it might have happened (1) £5


136.    DECIMAL MINT Assortment of commems and definitives (qty) £15


137.    QV COVERS Mostly 1d Lilacs, (don’t do it – you’ll go blind), mixed condition (small quantity) £10


138.    BOX OF COVER Mostly GB, but some Commonwealth and foreign 1900s – 1980s (quantity) £20


139.    QV TO GVI ASSORTMENT Includes Wembley’s and PUC Low values (quantity) £20


140.    COLLECTION 1975 – 1982 mint, used and covers, largely complete (quantity) £40


141.    COLLECTION 1952 – 74 Mint, used and typed, Edinburgh covers from 1967, no early phosphors otherwise largely complete (quantity) £30


142.    FDC ASSORTMENT CI, GB etc (quantity) £10


143.    COLLECTION 1900s – 1980s used and mint (quantity) £10


144.    1953 – 1970 COLLECTION Commemoratives complete plus definitives, Tudor, Edwards, multiple phosphors and Machins all mint, high values used (1969 mint), most lightly mounted, cat £820 (quantity) £80


145.    PHQ CARDS Album of mint sets (quantity) £5


146.    FDC ASSORTMENT 1970s – 1980s (small quantity) £5


147.    1958 SILVER WEDDINGS Includes cover with pair of 1948 wedding, nice CDS cancels (1) £30


148.    1929 PUC  Plain cover with set of 4 (marginals), only 3 stamps cancelled, wavy line Manchester 10th May 1929 (1) £30


149.    1924 WEMBLEY Pair on plan cover (1½d damaged) with additional 2d definitive, addressed to France, air mail, with clear Wembley Exhibition, slogan cancellation 23 April 1924 (1) £30


150.    REGIONALS And some Channel Islands, mint, used and a few covers (quantity) £15






151.    ASSORTMENT Eldridge Pope Dorchester Bitter, London Life Cabby (Rotary), Rinking, 1906 Calendar, Syllikuss, Dudley Hardy, Nipper, BEA Viking, etc (31) £28


152.    MIXTURE Banbury Cow fair novelty, Brighton West Pier (rapid), Scarborough Heraldic, Edinburgh Warrender Park Road, Highgate, Darlington etc (27) £25


153.    MIXTURE Topo assortment Old and modern, British and foreign in plastic leaves (quantity) £10


154.    MIXTURE Moderns British and foreign (100s) £5


155.    MIXTURE Moderns British and foreign (few 100s) £5


156.    BOURNEMOUTH INTEREST Buenos Aires with shipping and Grand Hotel Bournemouth, advert on reverse, also early colour sea front Canford Cliffs Hotel, 1910 Centenary (4) £5


157.    HOP PICKING Two letter cards with views, plus some other hop interest, including later types (11) £5


158.    BOURNEMOUTH RELATED 1910s photographic pier approach, the Square and two others plus two letter cards (6) £5


159.    SWANAGE AND SURROUNDINGS Mill Pond, Christchurch, Swanage Bay, Studland, Durlston Castle (5) £5


160.    ASSORTMENT Mostly London topo (50 approx) £5


161.    BRIDGES Assorting of modern postcards, featuring bridges (small quantity) £5


162.    ASSORTED Including Mills, Radley College, views, street scenes including Sutton Veny, Contingham Road (London), Rochford, Witham, Leiston etc (25) £24


163.    SHIPPING Including P&O, Cunard, liners, ferries, Ullswater Navigation packet set (32) £20


164.    LONDON TYPES Celesque Series, including Messenger Boy, Smithfield Porter, Postman, pavement artiest, orderly boy (5) £25


165.    TOPOGRAPHICAL Including RP views, inland and coastal, miniature railway etc, mostly 1950s – 1960s (100) £16


166.    DORSET Bere Regis looking East – used 1915, Wareham 1940 / 50, Winterbourne Stickland (damaged) 1950s (3) £10


167.    DORSET Wool – The Village, used 1914, fair (1) £8


168.    MIXTURE Assortment in three old albums (quantity) £25


169.    MIXTURE Assortment in three old albums (quantity) £25


170.    MIXTURE Assortment in two albums (quantity) £20


171.    MIXTURE Assortment in two plastic albums (quantity) £25


172.    MIXTURE Assortment in a plastic album (quantity) £12


173.    ROYALTY Assortment of modern (few 100s) £10


174.    ASSORTMENT Various older types including real photographic people and Military (90) £15


175.    MIXTURE Old to modern, various subjects (200 approx) £15


176.    MIXTURE Mostly modern (few 100s) £10


177.    MIXTURE Old to modern, foreign and British (few 100s) £10


178.    MIXTURE Mostly modern (few 100s) £10


179.    MIXTURE Mostly modern (few 100s) £10


180.    MIXTURE Mostly greetings 1900s – 1030s (90) £12


181.    SCOTLAND 1900s – 1950s (120) £10


182.    MAINLY 1900s – 1930s British and foreign (13) £10


183.    MILLS Water and wind, modern (68) £10


184.     ASSORTMENT Various 1900s – 1930s (10) £10


185.    MALTA Modern (120) £10


186.    MIXTURE Mostly greetings 1900s – 1930s (96) £10


187.    SOUTH AFRICA 1940s – 1960s (60) £10


188.    ASSORTMENT 1900s – 1930s (90) £10


189.    ASSORTMENT Various 1930s – 1970s (67) £10


190.    LL ASSORTMENT Mostly French (90) £15


191.    SWITZERLAND 1900s – 1930s (90) £10


192.    GREETINGS 1910s – 1930s (130) £15


193.    ASSORTMENT 1900s – 1950s (85) £10


194.    MIXTURE Various 1900s – 1940s (100) £10


195.    BRIDGES Mostly modern (quantity) £8


196.    POSTMARK INTEREST Old to modern (160) £18


197.    GREETINGS 1900s – 1930s (100) £10


198.    FIJI Postally used 1903 Fiji to Nottingham featuring Cannibal Tom (1) £5


199.    ISLE OF WIGHT Sandown 1900s – 1910s including better views (12) £20


200.    WORLD WAR I SILKS Flower types (12) £15


201.    ASSORTMENT 1910s – 1940s humour, greetings etc (small quantity) £15


202.    MIXTURE 1930s – 1960s (100) £10


203.    ASSORTMENT Mostly used Edwardian views, fronts good (backs damaged), Bill Hopkins was here (few 100s) £20




238.    CHINESE Modern cigarette issues, Cats with flowers, set of 100, fine (100) £20


239.    KINNEY Military assortment (50), poor to fair (50) £30


240.    IMPERIAL TOBACCO CANADA Infantry Training, set of 50, majority good to very good (50) £20


241.    IMPERIAL TOBACCO Mail carriers and staff 6 of 48, poor to fair (6) £20


242.    TADDY Actresses 7 of 25, poor to fair (7) £50


243.    AMERICAN ISSUES Various subjects including Beauties, Native Americans, fronts generally good, backs poor (26) £30


244.    OGDENS Selection of part sets (16), cat £500, fair to good (small quantity) £25


245.    GALLAHER Selection of part sets, fair to good (quantity) £20


246.    MIXTURE Various part sets (25), mostly cigarette, fair (25) £20


247.    LARGE SIZE CARDS Cigarette and trade, part sets cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £20


248.    MIXTURE Assortment of part sets, generally good (quantity) £20


249.    PLAYERS Part sets, cat £500, fair to good (quantity) £20


250.    BROOKE BOND Assortment of sets (40), generally good (quantity) £10


251.    CRICKET INTEREST Eight modern sets in plastic leaves, published by Country Print Ltd including sets for 1890, 94, 1900, 06 and 1912, England players set of 25 of which 24 are signed including Darren Gough, Allan lamb and Robin Smith (quantity) £30


252.    MIXTURE Trade and cigarette part sets, odds etc, fair to good (few 100s) £20


253.    ASSORTMENT OF BETTER ODDS Mostly cigarette issues, cat £500, poor to fair (184) £25


254.    ASSORTMENT OF BETTER ODDS Good variety of subjects, poor to fair (40) £25


255.    DE BEUKELAR Miniature photographic type of similar makes, film stars (100), generally good (100) £20


256.    SILK Assortment of odds and part sets in plastic leaves, fair to good (100) £20


257.    WILLS Part sets (19), cat £500 (small quantity) £20


258.    MIXTURE Part sets, mostly cigarette issues, cat £500, generally good (quantity) £20


259.    MIXTURE Medium and large cigarette and trade, odds and part sets (small quantity) £8


260.    ASSORTMENT Trade cards, cigarette cards, reprint, mostly part sets (small quantity) £6


261.    PHILIPS SILKS Assortment of part sets, flags, pictures, tartans etc (small quantity) £10


262.    SPORTING SETS Players cricketers 1934, 1938,  Gallaher Champions 2nd (148) £5


263.    SENIOR SERVICE Sets of 48, real photo cards including sights of Britain both sets (5 sets) £5


264.    CIGARETTE AND TRADE CARDS Assortment of loose and stuck down (small quantity) £15







269.    FOOTBALL INTEREST Assortment of books, magazines, comics. Buyer collects. (Large Quantity) £25


270.    GOLF CLUBS Apparently two sets with bag.  Buyer collects (quantity) £40


271.    EARLY WRITTEN DOCUMENTS Needs research 1701 onwards (7) £20


272.    35mm AMATEUR SLIDES All in magazines identified by place, people, date etc, UK, Europe etc 1980s – 2000 (many 100s) £10


273.    HORSE BRASSES Various older reproductions etc, with some leather belts (quantity) £25


274.    35mm AMATEUR SLIDES All in magazines identified by date, place, person etc, UK, Europe, USA etc 1980s – 2000 (approx 2000) £20


275.    RECORDS 33 RPM boxed sets and loose, mixed assortment, buyer collects (large quantity) £10


276.    MUSIC CASSETTES Various selections, buyer collects (quantity) £10


277.    RAILWAY INTEREST Somerset and Dorset sign, good quality reproduction of the 1864 sign in Cast Iron, “Forbidding the Enginemen from Blowing their Cocks in the Station”, can be posted (1) £15


278.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Bookings, newspapers, souvenirs etc, 1900s – 1980s (quantity) £18


279.    CASES Small leather cases etc (small quantity) £10


280.    SNOW WHITE AND OTHERS Building block toy, not a licensed dysentery product, worn condition (1) £5


281.    TONKA ADVERTISING Two heavy modern glass display items (2) £10


282.    SPARKLY THINGS  Box of costume items (quantity) £10


283.    WOODEN TOY Person on a string, dark wood (1) £10


284.    WOODEN ITEM A Thingle Whatsit,  buyer collects (1) £10


285.    EPHEMERA Box of mixed items, buyer collects (quantity) £10


286.    BOX OF COLLECTABLES China, glass wear etc, buyer collects (quantity) £10


287.    COLLECTABLES Lighting interest, buyer collects (quantity) £10


288.    COLLECTABLES China, glassware, etc. Buyer collects (quantity) £10


289.    LONDON UNDERGROUND FIRE Kings Cross 1988 HMSO Report with plans, 250 pages (1) £10


290.    CHINA  Box of china. Buyer collects. (quantity) £10


291.    SHIPPING INTEREST  Box of ephemera (quantity) £8


292.    MILITARY TOYS Mixed assortment, buyer collects (quantity) £10


293.    EPHEMERA ASSORTMENT Print, newspaper, ornaments, souvenirs etc, buyer collects (quantity) £10


294.    COIN ASSORTMENT Various types (small quantity) £10


295.    POSTERS Prints and posters, various art and advertising, including a Chinese horse, buyer collects (quantity) £10


296.    BOX OF EPHEMERA Including programmes, documents, autographs, WWI signed print, postcards, publications etc (quantity) £20


297.    1950s OXFORD UNIVERSITY STUDENTS LETTERS AND PHOTOS With a stack of letters from friends, diary and numerous photographs, mostly from the early-mid 1950s whilst studying at Oxford.  His interests at the time seem to have included the stage and music (quantity) £30


298.    QUANTITY OF LETTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS Some collected by the actress Olive Stettish c.1900 – 50, including signed letters by Sir Johnston Forbes, Lena Ashwell, 9th Earl of Denbigh, Henry Harold Greenwood, Eva Fisher, some items connected to the Pokorny family, photos, etc (quantity) £20


299.    VICTORIAN COPPER PLATE WARMER BY ALEXANDER BOYD Arts and crafts style complete with the two original copper burners, both work, buyer collects (3) £20


300.     1980s CND POSTER “NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS” Showing the peace symbol cutting a missile in half, photomontage by Peter Kennard 420 x 600mm, poor condition, buyer collections (1) £10


301.    VINTAGE SUITCASE Once belonging to the famous Danish Philosopher Victor Kuhr (1882 – 1948), Monogrammed and labels attached, c.1920s, containing a quantity of illustrated London News and other publications, buyer collects (quantity) £20


302.    SIGNED THEATRE AND MUSIC HANDBILLS c1990s – 2000s period for various West End and provincial shows – signatures include Felicity Kendal, Angela Thorne, JJ Burnal, Sian Thomas, Timothy West, Acker Bilk, John Challis, Howard Marks, Richard Digance, Fine (80) £20


303.    EPHEMERA Mixed assortment of documents, pictures, newspapers etc (quantity) £18


304.    AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS 1930s – 1980s Jean Colin, Evelyn Laye, Helen Haye, etc, mostly postcard size (20) £15


305.    COINS Mostly British, various ½d – 2/6 (small quantity) £10


306.    ASSORTMENT OF COLLECTABLES Advertise Brother Blotch HC Bailey, Dorchester trade cads, old tins, souvenirs etc (quantity) £10


307.    WOVEN SILK PICTURE 1953 6” x 4” in mount, good colours, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth Brocklehurst Whiston (1) £10


308.    SILK BOOKMARKS Home Sweet Home, Hope of the Soul (2) £8


309.    MEDALS World War I  pair of GNR Lewis RA., Cause of Humanity to Thomas William Lewis (1898) (3) £40


310.    SPEEDWAY STAR AND NEWS Magazine of the 1960s – 1970s, fair to good condition, buyer collects (450) £20


311.    METAL TOYS Box of play worn, buyer collects (quantity) £10


312.    JAPANESE RAILWAY TICKETS Colourful plastic credit card style trains, scenery, buildings etc (100) £10


313.    MARILYN MONROE Assortment of books and collectables, buyer collects (quantity) £8


314.    LAUREL & HARDY Assortment of VHS tapes and DVDs (small quantity) £5


315.    CANADA Printed booklets of views c.1930s (6) £5


316.    EPHEMERA Booklets, cigarette cards, souvenirs, greeting cards (quantity) £10


317.    EPHEMERA Interesting assortment for anyone interested in printing 1950s – 1960s, sample pages, specimen newspapers, booklets etc (quantity) £5


318.    MILITARY Re print cigarette sets, mostly World War I subjects, booklets on cigarette cards with Military subjects (quantity) £5


319.    CRICKET INTEREST Album with 25 greetings cards including Bournemouth and Southampton Country Grounds, 14 prints of players and teams and 17 other items including postcards (quantity) £10


320.    CRICKET CARDS Album with a complete set of 425 cards of cricketers issued by County Print in 1995, 59 are signed by players including Trevor Bailey, Malcolm Marshall, Derek Shackleton, Bob Woolmer and Barry Richards (425) £50


321.    ROMANY INTEREST POSTCARDS Various moderns, photographic, art draw etc, plus a booklet on how to cook Nettles , Eel, Rook Stew etc (16) £5


322.    CEDRIC HARDWICKE Autograph on 10” x 8” film still (1) £7


323.    DENNIS WATERMAN Autograph on 8” x 10” photo (1) £6


324.    INSPECTOR MORSE JAG DRIVERS John Thaw and Kevin Wheatley on small signed pieces with photo of them next to a Mark II Jag (1) £20


325.    PEGGY WOOD 5” x 7” autographed photo (1) £6


326.    DENNIS WATERMAN Autograph on 8” x 10” photo (1) £10


327.    PORRIDGE 8” x 10” autographed photographs Christopher Biggins, Tony Osoba (2) £10


328.    STEVE IRWIN Autograph on 8” x 10” photo, interesting view with some friends (1) £10


329.    RAYMOND MASSEY Autograph On FOH Still for “Dangerously they Live” (later signature) (1) £6


330.    FELICITY KENDAL Autograph ‘Felicity’ on 8” x 10” photo (1) £6


331.    FELICITY KENDAL Autograph ‘Felicity’ on 8” x 10” photo (1) £6


332.    ALAIN DELON Autograph on colour 8” x 10” photo (1) £6


333.    ED HILLARY Autograph on small illustration (1) £10


334.    SHIPPING INTEREST Booklets, souvenirs, photos etc (small quantity) £5


335.    COUNTY CRICKET Photos of teams, mostly 1990 period in colour and purchased from club shops on cricket grounds (44) £10


336.    ALAIN DELON Autographed 10” x 8” colour photo (1) £6


337.    CHRISTOPHER TIMOTHY Autographs on two 8” x 10” photos (2) £6

338.    NAZI INTEREST Simon Wiesenthall autograph on small photo (1) £10


339.    RICHARD O’SULLIVAN Autograph on 8” x 10” photo (1) £10


340.    CARRY ON AUTOGRAPH Benard Cribbins on two postcards Kennith Cope on two black and white photographs (4) £8


341.    ROYALTY INTEREST Set of cigarette cards showing British Royalty through the ages, good condition (150) £5


342.    BEATLES Selection of 45 RPM Records, mostly ordinary paper sleeves (small quantity) £8


343.    TAMBOURINES Older models (2), fair condition (2) £5


344.    JEWELLERY Mostly assortment of costume jewellery and other items (small quantity) £5


345.    SOUTHAMPTON Plastic sign from Southampton Pier “Mayflower Room” large, buyer collects (1) £5


346.    COLLECTABLES ASSORTMENT All the items you can carry out of the door in one go from the mixed pile (quantity) £20


347.    COLLECTABLES ASSORTMENT A second chance to select all you can carry out of the door in one go from the pile (quantity) £19










National Children's Home postcards.
If you have any NCH items for sale please email Dalkeith Auctions



Each and every lot is sold by the vendor as secondhand goods, with all faults and defects.
All descriptions in the catalogue are statements of opinion only.
Intending purchasers are recommended to view any lot prior to purchase or to seek further information before bidding.
Mail order customers, for more information. Please look at the images on the photo page or phone us for more detailed descriptions during the mornings of viewing, sorry but we do not have time time to send out scans.
The auctions are covered by public liability insurance for incidents due to acts of negligence by the staff.
Viewers and purchasers should access all aspects of the dangers of all goods. Paper and similar items are to be regarded as a possible danger and due care should be used when handling such material.
The following items are sold under these conditions.
Toys are collectors items and due to their construction may not be suitable for children under the age of 18 years.
Electrical items are sold as collectors items only and are not to be taken as working equipment. It is recommended that a qualified electrician services any item before use.
Paper items are all sold as genuine in such respects as to printing, design etc.
If any item is found not to be so as errors can occur, it may be returned within 31 days from the date of sale for a refund. After this period no further action can be taken. These conditions apply only to single items and not to any item contained in a mixed selection or other such bulk lot.
Autographs after 1970 on photographs are sold as found.
All books are sold as found.
A total of 25% will be added to the hammer price.
Title of goods will not pass to the buyer until fully paid for.
All damage caused to lots on view or being offered for sale are to be made good by the person committing the damage.
On the failure of a purchaser to pay for any lot, the auctioneers as agents for the vendors will be entitled to resell the lots in question after 31 days after the date of sale.
Goods may be removed at any time during the sale once payment has been made.
Payment made in cash or by cheque.
Payment may also be made by credit or debit card.
We can accept Visa, Access, Mastercard, American Express, paypal.
No surcharge will be made on debit or credit cards.


For lots that sell for less than £25 there is a total charge of £5 per lot
For lots that sell for over £25 there is a total charge of 20%.

There are discount rates for buyers that are using their funds to purchase goods.

Your statutory rights are not affected.
Dalkeith Auctions is the trading name of Dalkeith Auctions Limited.

Registered Address
Dalkeith Auctions Ltd
Dalkeith Hall
81 Old Christchurch Rd


Co Reg No England & Wales 4009192

Phone  +44 1202 292905

(01202) 292905

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